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  • Pacejet

    Pacejet enterprise shipping software is the leading cloud-based platform for mid-market and larger companies. With Pacejet, customers grow their businesses with better service, lower costs, and…

    Parcel Auditing Software
  • Reveel

    Reveelâ„¢ has been dedicated to providing Shipping Intelligenceâ„¢ for the smartest business decisions possible. Founded by former DHL sales executives, Reveel was created to level the shipping playing…

    Parcel Auditing Software
  • Sifted

    Sifted is the leading logistics data science platform that helps shippers save money by optimizing business decisions. Though originally founded in 2005, 2020 kicked off a new era as Sifted and…

    Parcel Auditing Software
  • Varsity Logistics

    Varsity Logistics is the leading provider of multi-carrier, multi-modal parcel, and LTL shipping software for the IBM Power Systems, IBM i, AS/400, iSeries, System I platforms. Varsity's ShipSoft…

    Parcel Auditing Software