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  • Digiproctor

    DigiProctor is an AI-enabled Automated Proctoring solution that uses Advanced Machine and Deep Learning algorithms combined with Advanced security to deliver exams with Highest levels of Integrity…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • Eklavvya

    Eklavvya is an online assessment and knowledge management solution used by many corporate, Professional Training Institutes, Universities to conduct assessment tests for training, recruitment,…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • ExamOnline

    Examonline is a fully integrated platform for providing end to end online computer based examination services from candidate registration to result processing. With over 11 years of experience in the…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • Honorlock

    Honorlock is revolutionizing the academic integrity of online courses and assessments. Their simple, affordable platform operates around you—no scheduling, headaches, or software downloads. Used by…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • MeritTrac

    MeritTrac is India’s leading pure play Testing & Assessment provider. They are now a part of UNext Learning Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manipal Education and Medical Group.…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • ProctorU

    ProctorU is a real proctoring service that allows students to complete their exams from nearly any location while still ensuring the academic integrity of the exam for the institution. Using almost…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • Questionmark

    Questionmark assessment solutions are used by organizations worldwide to securely measure knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, regulatory compliance, workforce learning, channel…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • SmarterServices

    SmarterServices™ LLC is the industry leader in measuring online learner readiness. Their clients benefit from their deep internal expertise on education as well as the insights gathered through their…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • Software Secure

    Software Secure makes online testing secure, convenient and cost-effective for higher education, K-12 and Certification organizations. A pioneer in computer-based testing, the company is the leading…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • Synap

    Synap is an intelligent online assessment and study platform that lets organisations deliver engaging training online. Built upon micro-learning principles, Synap works by breaking down learning into…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • TestReach

    TestReach is a unique cloud-based application that provides a scalable and cost-effective way to deliver any assessment online. It covers everything from compliance tests and formative assessment…

    Online Proctoring Software
  • Wheebox

    Wheebox is one of the leading Global online remote proctored testing firms headquartered in India with presence across 5 countries globally. It partners mid and large size corporations to hire and…

    Online Proctoring Software