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  • 22 Miles

    22Miles is an industry leading award winning digital signage software and solutions provider based in Silicon Valley. Since 2007, there have been thousands of successful global digital signage…

    Indoor Mapping Software
  • AmigoCloud

    AmigoCloud creates next generation mobile enterprise mapping software. They offer an intuitive cloud based dashboard and mobile mapping applications built for Android and iOS devices. Their software…

    Indoor Mapping Software
  • Concept3d

    concept3D is a software and services company with competency in large scale media services and web, mobile, and geolocation software development. concept3D offers: professional multimedia services,…

    Indoor Mapping Software
  • Jibestream

    Jibestream offers the world’s most scalable platform for combining mapping with business rules and location awareness to improve efficiency, productivity and engagement. They are renowned for their…

    Indoor Mapping Software
  • Locatify

    Locatify specializes in location awareness applications for mobile devices. Their first application is a virtual tour guide for iPhones utilizing GPS technology for which tours are being produced for…

    Indoor Mapping Software
  • Mappedin

    Mappedin works with the ten largest malls in Canada, the largest REITs in the US, and in stores, hospitals, campuses, and airports around the world. Mappedin is backed by a group of Canadian…

    Indoor Mapping Software

    Spreo Brings Digital Innovation To The Modern Office. They allow clients to combine digital and physical spaces with a centralized mapping engine, employee mobile app and integration with in-campus…

    Indoor Mapping Software