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  • Cloud4Wi

    Cloud4Wi helps companies easily manage their guest WiFi services and drive business outcomes, by bringing carrier-grade technologies into the enterprise world. With Cloud4Wi’s privacy-conscious…

    Guest WiFi Software
  • GoZone Wifi

    GoZone WiFi is a software company offering marketing, analytics, and advertising platforms that transform guest WiFi networks into additional revenue streams for businesses. GoZone’s innovative Smart…

    Guest WiFi Software
  • Purple

    Purple’s goal is to ensure that physical spaces survive and thrive for current and future generations, by helping them to stay relevant and ensuring visitors enjoy going to them. Purple helps venues…

    Guest WiFi Software
  • Thinix

    Thinix original vision was to build an easy to use, guest PC to allow hotel guests to securely and reliably connect to the Internet. Their guest PCs needed to securely erase user’s history and be…

    Guest WiFi Software