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  • Athennian

    Athennian is a modern legal entity and corporate secretary management cloud platform. Elegant data management and document automation for compliance, ownership, governance, eSign, Office365, and…

    Entity Management Software
  • Carta

    Carta build software to help companies, investors, law firms, and employees modernize the way they manage ownership. Carta is modernizing and revolutionizing the way private companies manage and…

    Entity Management Software
  • Class

    Class has been developing and delivering innovative cloud software solutions for the Australian wealth industry since 2009. Class solutions includes Class Super and Class Portfolio. Class Super is…

    Entity Management Software
  • Computershare Governance Services

    Computershare is a global market leader in transfer agency and shares registration, employee equity plans, proxy solicitation, and stakeholder communications. The company also specializes in…

    Entity Management Software
  • EntityKeeper

    EntityKeeper is a cloud-based application for managing, maintaining and visualizing your legal entity information. It increases company efficiency so you can work smarter, not harder. Created by a…

    Entity Management Software
  • Harbor Compliance

    Harbor Compliance is a leading provider of compliance solutions for businesses and nonprofits at every phase of the corporate lifecycle. Headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they have helped…

    Entity Management Software
  • MinuteBox

    MinuteBox provide global law firms the tools to safely and securely manage and create digital minute books and corporate records on behalf of clients. MinuteBox is an end-to-end and cloud-based…

    Entity Management Software
  • Sherpany

    Sherpany is building a world where every meeting counts. We develop meeting knowledge and technology to support the decision makers of today and tomorrow, transforming meetings into an instrument for…

    Entity Management Software
  • Shoobx

    Shoobx helps companies position themselves for successful exits by combining equity management, corporate governance, fundraising tools, and documentation into one collaborative platform. Shoobx was…

    Entity Management Software