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  • Mailchimp

    Mailchimp is an always-on marketing platform for small businesses. They make innovative, beautiful products that empower those businesses to find more customers. They’ve grown to support millions of…

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  • Mailgun

    Mailgun is a developer-focused email delivery platform that empowers companies to send, receive, and track transactional and marketing emails through an API. Founded in 2010, Mailgun became a…

    Email API Software
  • Mailjet

    Mailjet is an all-in-one solution to send, track and deliver both marketing and transactional emails. Its cloud-based infrastructure is unique and highly scalable with a proprietary technology that…

    Email API Software
  • Nylas

    Nylas APIs power SaaS apps with email, calendar, and contacts sync & send features. The Nylas email API integrates with 100% of email service providers, allowing bi-directional email sync between…

    Email API Software
  • Pepipost

    Pepipost offers powerful APIs and SMTPs that are super easy to integrate and send emails. They are passionate about emails and use AI and ML to get your emails to the inbox. But that’s not just the…

    Email API Software
  • SendGrid

    SendGrid has developed a cloud based service that solves the challenge of email delivery by delivering emails on behalf of companies. SendGrid eliminates the complexity of sending email, saving time…

    Email API Software
  • Zift Solutions

    Zift Solutions is the Enterprise Channel Management leader, delivering the people, processes and technology organizations require to drive channel success. Relied on by more than 80% of top channel…

    Email API Software