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  • Agrivi

    Agrivi is one of the leading global ag-tech companies with a vision to change the way food is produced, positively impacting over 1 billion lives. They build knowledge-based farm management solutions…

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  • Attest

    Attest is a global survey platform designed for ambitious marketers that aren’t experts in doing research, but do need answers - fast. their survey platform connects you to 100 million consumers…

    Brand Tracking Software
  • Brella

    Brella provides the world’s smartest and most reliable networking platform for events. Brella is an event networking software to facilitate 1-to-1 meetings at the largest networking events around the…

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  • EuroDNS

    EuroDNS is one of the market leaders in the domain name industry. They offer an easy domain name registration process, an intuitive and multilingual interface, over 800 domain extensions and a range…

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  • Latana

    Latana creates brand tracking software that delivers the insights brands need to thrive. Their brand tracker provides reliable insights and trustworthy information upon which you can base decisions.…

    Brand Tracking Software
  • Service Management Group (SMG)

    Service Management Group (SMG) partners with more than 500 brands around the globe to create better customer and employee experiences, which drive loyalty and performance. SMG uniquely combines…

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