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  • BrandChamp

    BrandChamp is a leading solution for ambassador marketing, dedicated to helping brands build thriving ambassador communities to increase sales, brand awareness and engagement on social media.…

    Brand Ambassador Software
  • Influitive

    Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, is based in Toronto with offices in Palo Alto and Boston. Influitive allows you to build a community of advocates and invite your customers, developers,…

    Brand Ambassador Software
  • Red Points

    Red Points protects your brand and content in the digital environment. They are able to do this through their proprietary technology which employs machine learning algorithms to scan the internet and…

    Brand Ambassador Software
  • SocialToaster

    SocialToaster makes it easy for alumni associations and organizations of any size to engage their alumni ambassadors and encourage them to share school content to their personal social networks.…

    Brand Ambassador Software