7 MeetingKing Case Studies

Company Size

Read 7 Case Studies from real MeetingKing users sharing their business challenges and results after using MeetingKing software.

  • Linda saves at least 8 to 10 hours of work per month and accomplishes more thanks to MeetingKing
  • How Crystal Candy uses MeetingKing for David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done)
  • How Diakonessenhuis Hospital met ISO requirements with MeetingKing
  • How Talasi uses MeetingKing to ensure continuity in her meetings
  • How Root6 turned informal weekly gatherings into effective meetings with clear results
  • Executive assistant Lorelei uses MeetingKing, so she can spend more time with her baby
  • MeetingKing helps Technology Partners to make their meetings more organized, more productive and shorter

About MeetingKing

MeetingKing is a web-based meeting facilitation and documentation tool to help keep meetings short and effective by making documentation and task follow-up easier than ever. MeetingKing is built around the natural workflow of meetings and conversations and turns short notes into up-to-date actionable information – agenda, minutes, tasks, archive.

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