53 Mavenlink Case Studies

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Read 53 Case Studies from real Mavenlink users sharing their business challenges and results after using Mavenlink software.

  • AgilOne Improves Services Profit Margins by 25%
  • AMP Agency Reaches Billable Utilization Targets with Mavenlink
  • Anywise Consulting Reduces Time Spent on Reporting by 60% with Mavenlink
  • Residential Remodeling Company Uses Mavenlink and Google Apps to Manage Projects and Organize Tasks
  • Autofuss’ Creative Minds Use Mavenlink and Google Apps to Collaborate and Stay Organized
  • Aviana Briefs All Team Members in Single Workspace via Mavenlink + Google Drive
  • Big Bang Gains Crucial Insights for Long-Term Success
  • Black Tie Digital Marketing Increases Profitability by 40% with Mavenlink
  • Blue State Digital Consolidates Systems and Distributes Accountability
  • Butterfly Increases Billable Time by 20% with Mavenlink
  • CBI's PMO Increases Billable Utilization By 30% With Mavenlink
  • Cloudtech Increases Utilization Rate by 25% with Mavenlink
  • Collective Insights Consulting Builds Company on Mavenlink
  • CommonPlaces Improves Employee Satisfaction 100% with Mavenlink
  • Marketing Research Firm Improves Project Revenue by 33% with Mavenlink
  • Contexture International - Customer Case Study
  • CORE Business Technologies Increases Billable Utilization by 35% with Mavenlink
  • Core Structure Improves Margins by 50% with Mavenlink
  • Creoworks Designs with Detail in Mavenlink
  • DIGARC Increases Utilization by 20% with Mavenlink
  • Mavenlink Reduces Project Administrative Time by 65% for Donesafe
  • Increase Revenue by 30% with Mavenlink Like Elevated Third Did
  • Emarsys Increases Projects Delivered on Budget by 12.5% Year Over Year with Mavenlink
  • Golden Spiral Increases Utilization Rates by 21% in Two Months
  • Health Catalyst Improves Business Processes and Increases Consistency in Project Delivery with Mavenlink
  • Herjavec Group Increases Productivity By 20% with Mavenlink
  • Huge Improves and Standardizes Data with Mavenlink
  • Impact Financial Solutions Goes Global with Mavenlink and Google Apps
  • Kainjoo Increases Billable Utilization by 85% with Mavenlink
  • Maestro Increases Projects Delivered On Time and On Budget by 100% with Mavenlink
  • Metova Increases Billable Utilization by 10% With Mavenlink
  • MGT Consulting Group Increases Margins by 50% with Mavenlink
  • Myers Media Group Improves Team Productivity by 50% with Mavenlink
  • Global Consulting Firm Increases Efficiency to Drive Profitability
  • The Novo Group Increases Margins by 45% with Mavenlink
  • Optimus SBR Improves Forecasting Horizon by 50% with Mavenlink
  • Paragon Consulting Boosts Profits on 75% of Projects
  • Pearl Marketing Group Increases Utilization by 25% with Mavenlink
  • Pexlify Increases Billable Utilization by 10% with Mavenlink
  • PlainJoe Studios Increases Projects Closing Within Budget by 50% with Mavenlink
  • Primitive Spark Improves Utilization and Profit Margins More Than 100% with Mavenlink
  • RPI Consultants Decreases Admin Time by 20% With Mavenlink
  • RSM Improves Client Satisfaction and Global Business Processes with Mavenlink
  • Scale My Empire Triples Project Margins With Mavenlink
  • Scorch Agency Increases Profit Margins by 20% with Mavenlink
  • SMITH Automates Operations and Frees Up 400 Billable Hours with Mavenlink
  • Marketing Agency Improves On-Budget Delivery by 100% with Mavenlink
  • Talisys Increases Utilization by 16% with Mavenlink
  • Taylors Improves Utilization Rates by 15% with Mavenlink
  • TeleTracking Increases Billable Utilization by 37% With Mavenlink
  • TribalScale Improves Resource Forecasting with Mavenlink
  • Vizient Deploys Modern Platform to Support Aggressive Growth with Mavenlink
  • Mavenlink Helps whyaye! Reach 80% Billable Utilization

About Mavenlink

The Mavenlink Industry Cloud for Professional Services™ is a powerful collection of operational management, resource optimization, business intelligence, integration, and workflow automation functionality that optimizes resources and elevates operational performance. A resource-first architecture, enables services businesses to field the best team, every time and see up-to-the-minute progress against timelines and budgets so projects run smoothly, predictably, and profitably. Visit www.mavenlink.com to learn more.

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