26 Glue Up Case Studies

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Read 26 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • ABASA Improves Their Adaptability to Better Serve Members with Glue Up
  • How AmCham Kenya Automated Its Processes to Give Members First Class Experience
  • How AWA Ran 11 Events in 8 Days with Glue Up
  • AnzCham Philippines Consolidated Databases with Glue Up
  • How Asociación ALE is Making a Change in Mexico with Glue Up's all-in-one Association CRM
  • How BritCham Singapore Reduced Member Management Costs with Glue Up
  • The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic Reconnects with Their Members Through Glue Up
  • The Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry Advances Digital Transformation with Glue Up
  • Glue Up Transforms Cape Chamber’s Event Management Through Digitalization
  • How FKCCI Doubled Member Growth with Glue Up
  • Glue Up Powers the GACCE Executive Leadership Conference
  • How IACC Karnataka Transformed Membership with Glue Up
  • Why Inland Empire Chamber Switched to Glue Up from Chamber Master
  • How the Italian Chamber of Commerce Grew 30% with Glue Up
  • The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland Digitalizes its Memberships with Glue Up
  • The Italian Chamber of Commerce South Africa Improves Every Aspect of Member Experience with Glue Up
  • How the ITE Met Section went Paperless with Glue Up
  • The Marketing Society of Kenya Improves Member Experience with Glue Up
  • How the National Rural Education Association Increased their Memberships During a Global Pandemic
  • The Nordic Society Oikos Enables Cross-Over Engagement with Glue Up
  • How Nu Skin Used Glue Up for a Global Conference with 7,000 Attendees
  • How SASTM is Achieving Long-term Growth with Glue Up
  • How Tempe Chamber is Keeping Members Engaged with Glue Up
  • The Surf Project Expands Its Community Outreach with Glue Up’s All-In-One Event Management Software
  • How WorkTech is Teaming Up with Glue Up
  • World Laureates Forum Hurdling the Industry's Toughest Challenges with Glue Up

About Glue Up

Glue Up, formerly EventBank, is a leading cloud-based engagement management technology company that provides chambers of commerce, associations, event organizers, marketers, and businesses with solutions designed to streamline operations, modernize processes, and eliminate engagement challenges. Glue Up's innovative products combine the best event management, membership management, community engagement, email marketing, CRM, and mobile apps into one all-inclusive cloud platform. Glue Up's all-in-one management software solutions include: Membership Management Software: https://www.glueup.com/membership-management-software Community Management Software: https://www.glueup.com/community-management-software Association Management Software: https://www.glueup.com/association-management-software Event Management Software: https://www.glueup.com/event-management-software Webinar Engagement Solution: https://www.glueup.com/virtual-events-management-software Speed Networking: https://www.glueup.com/features/speed-networking-software

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