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10 Fooda Case Studies

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Read 10 Case Studies from real Fooda users sharing their business challenges and results after using Fooda software.

  • How An Office Building Saves $100K Annually By Radically Rethinking Their Cafeteria
  • How An Office Manager at A&E Networks Helped Increase Productivity & Strengthen Community with Food
  • How Tech Startup BenchPrep Made Lunch a Powerful Part of its Culture
  • How a Barbeque Restaurant Increased Business by 33%
  • Clarks Moves Headquarters, Adds Rotating Restaurants for Lunch
  • How Hulu Made Lunch Fun and Authentic While Increasing Employee Productivity
  • How Liberty Property Trust Sells Millennial Companies on Suburban Spaces
  • How Motus Attracts New Talent and Boosts Productivity with Onsite Popup Restaurants
  • How Northern Trust Significantly Improved the Quality of Lunch by Replacing its Cafeteria with a Food Hall
  • How Tractor Supply Builds Social Capital Around Lunch at Corporate Store Support Center

About Fooda

Fooda is a food technology platform that connects restaurants to people while at work. Companies and individuals join Fooda to get food brought right to their office every day. Their STORY began when their founders were frustrated with the food options for their employees. They decided to bring local restaurants to their company on a rotating basis. Shortly thereafter it went viral within the building. When the crowds got too big a business idea was born!

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