4 FLIR - Brickstream Case Studies

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Read 4 Case Studies from real FLIR - Brickstream users sharing their business challenges and results after using FLIR - Brickstream software.

  • Apparel Retailer Colgram Deploys In-Store Analytics into More Than 90 Stores
  • An Effective Store Traffic and Conversion Program Starts with Accurate Data That’s Why Headcount® Relies On Brickstream® Sensors
  • Trend-Setter Land and Houses Attracts Anchor Tenants with High Traffic Volumes
  • Wembley Stadium Scores a Perfect Goal with Traffic Analytics

About FLIR - Brickstream

Since their launch in early 2000, the Brickstream line of sensors has become the market leader in people counting and tracking for retail analytics with more than 200,000 sensors deployed globally. They are recognized as the most advanced, accurate, and reliable stereo vision sensors in the world.

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