32 FleetLocate Case Studies

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Read 32 Case Studies from real FleetLocate users sharing their business challenges and results after using FleetLocate software.

About FleetLocate

FleetLocate by Spireon is a GPS-based fleet tracking software that provides actionable business intelligence with real-time monitoring of assets and workforces to enable timely, informed decisions that allow you to optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. Spireon’s fleet tracking system provides reliable, real-time data on your drivers, vehicles and trailers, and it’s easy to use for both managers and drivers. Monitor vehicle locations 24/7 and maximize your fleet business. FleetLocate works with mixed fleets from semi-trailers to pickups and vans, offers HOS ELD, driver scorecard, maintenance module, hardware-free options with GM OnStar and Ford vehicles, and much more. With FleetLocate fleet management you can track driver productivity, improve driving behavior, reduce fuel and maintenance costs – and do it either from your desk or mobile device. FleetLocate trailer management offers cutting-edge cargo sensors that provide unprecedented accuracy for loaded/unloaded and soft cargo/extreme environment, solar power, automated yard checks, improved detention billing and many other features.

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