9 Encycle Case Studies

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Read 9 Case Studies from real Encycle users sharing their business challenges and results after using Encycle software.

  • How Encycle increased energy efficiency at a large, multi-facility school resulting in a monthly energy consumption reduction of 28% and significant savings the school was able to reinvest in its students.
  • How Encycle helped a large clothing retailer and a pharmaceutical distribution company save thousands of dollars annually on HVAC energy while qualifying for significant utility incentives
  • How Encycle helped a light industrial facility qualify for significant incentives and achieve total savings of over $28,000 in just six months
  • How Encycle helped a mid-box retail chain save nearly a half-million dollars annually on HVAC energy costs
  • How Encycle helped a movie theater chain gain control of energy loads, reducing total annual energy spend by $3,200 per site
  • How Encycle is helping a national restaurant and entertainment chain save over $500,000 annually on HVAC-related energy costs.
  • How Encycle helped a national specialty retail chain reduce their HVAC energy spend by more than $6,000 per store in Southern California
  • Sigler - Customer Case Study
  • How Encycle helped a big-box department store chain reap nearly $2 million in annual energy savings and demand response incentives, on top of the savings realized by installing building automation systems

About Encycle

Encycle is a technology-driven company that is transforming energy management for commercial and industrial companies. The company leverages is patented cloud-based Swarm LogicĀ® technology to lower customer electric costs, maximize efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. Companies using Swarm Logic routinely reduce HVAC electric costs and consumption by 10%-20% with little or no capital investment.

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