66 Easypromos Case Studies

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Read 66 Case Studies from real Easypromos users sharing their business challenges and results after using Easypromos software.

  • Adidas Engages With Employees to Chose Charity Through Easypromos Quiz Application
  • Multiple Online Games to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Alcampo
  • Photo contest with discount coupon for all participants
  • Airport Parking Business Stays in Touch with Clients Through Gamification
  • How to Organize a Photo Contest and Make it Viral by Enabling Voting
  • Water Park Marketing Attract Customers with a Coupon Campaign
  • How to Use Social Media to Start and Grow a Business | Success case of AUssieYouTOO
  • How to convert participants of your sweepstakes into Facebook fans
  • How to get the contact information of thousands of potential customers in only a few days
  • How to Organize a Drawing Contest to Promote Values
  • Online Prize Wheels to Efficiently Give Away Prizes to Customers
  • Quiz with final sweepstakes among all participants who answered all questions correctly
  • A Multi-Lingual Photo Contest helped reach young people all over North America
  • The CuteSolar Campaign Used a Multi-Game to Reach Younger Demographics
  • How to Create an Employee Engagement Quiz Champions League Predictions
  • How a Hotel Group Boosted Engagement with a Gamified Advent Calendar
  • Diving Specials - Customer Case Study
  • A test for travelers and a fantastic prize – A co-branding
  • How a Footwear Brand Generated 130.000 Leads with a Branded Game
  • How to obtain 100,000 participants in a month by means of a sweepstakes combined with recruiters
  • How to use Customer Loyalty Rewards to organize an Exclusive Promotion for customers only
  • How to Create Awareness with a Fun Hashtag Contest to Promote a Product
  • Greenpeace Canada Facebook Photo Contest Exceeds Goals by 600%
  • Experiential Marketing Via a Multi-language Photo Contest
  • Giving a Voice to Osteoporosis Patients with the IOF Video Contest
  • How 1 Influencer Ran a Successful Giveaway on 4 Different Networks
  • How to promote the launch of your new website: the Kelme case study
  • Kettlewell Colours Uses Simple Quiz to Add 5,000 Unique Email Addresses to Customer Database
  • How to Promote Running During the Pandemic
  • La Bolsa del Corredor: a Talent Contest in Two Stages with Voting POSTED IN: SUCCESS CASES
  • La Trobe University - Customer Case Study
  • Shopping Mall Celebrated its Anniversary with a Giveaway for Customers
  • Local Tourism and Businesses Promoted with a Digital Advent Calendar
  • M80 photo contest, combining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • How to create a quiz to promote and spread a new website
  • How one brand used Facebook giveaways to own their database of leads
  • An Instant Win Promotion Enhanced Brand Awareness for a Cheese Brand
  • How to Loyalize your Blog Readers with a Social Media Quiz and Sweepstakes
  • How Event Organizers Launched Online Awards for Community Members
  • Ottsworld celebrated 13 years of travel with giveaways and turned online followers into email subscribers
  • Oysho - Customer Case Study
  • Prickly Pear Works - Customer Case Study
  • How One Agency is Transforming Marketing with an Innovative Approach to Promotions
  • How to Engage Sports Event Audience
  • How to embed a quiz combined with a coupon in a website to entice customers and increase sales
  • How Salomon used a Twitter sweepstakes to celebrate reaching 30,000 followers
  • Sancor Seguros Celebrated the Copa América with a Social Media Quiz
  • STAR Combined Educational Quiz and Instant Win Prizes All in One With Terrific Success
  • TARSA - Customer Case Study
  • Successful Video Competition Helps Connect Canadian Companies And Sales Talent
  • Malasmadres and Cinfa organize an action to support women facing life struggles
  • How to give away Promotional Codes for customer loyalty
  • How Tombow USA got their highest Instagram engagement ever
  • Promotion Example from a Travel Agency Scenes app
  • How a Professional Cyclist Toms Skujins Uses Social Media Promotions to Connect with his Audience
  • Tryp Hotels and Easypromos White Label
  • How a small photography studio raised engagement – and charity funds
  • How to Gain Followers and Build Online Presence with a Giveaway
  • Facebook Photo Contest Surpasses Participation Goal by Nearly 50%
  • How a Canadian Sneaker Start-up Uses Giveaways to Grow the Brand
  • How to boost your brand content campaign with a Twitter giveaway
  • How to increase your Facebook fans by 50.000 in 10 hours
  • How to Use a Video Contest with User-generated Content to Better Reach the Audience
  • How to Organize a Multiple-choice Personality Test Combined with Recruiters
  • How to loyalize clients with promotional codes for discounted cinema tickets
  • Yoga Instructor goes Digital to Grow Business and International Community

About Easypromos

Easypromos is a global leader in digital promotions offering a self-service, easy-to-use platform to create and manage digital campaigns seamlessly across any social media network or device. Easypromos offers one of the most complete digital marketing platforms on the market, empowering marketers with the best tools to engage with their audience, generate leads, attract an audience to a point of sale, gather feedback and reward customers for their loyalty. Easypromos saves customers valuable time, simplifies moderation, affords robust problem-free functionality and has done so for more than 250,000 promotions globally. Applications include sweepstakes, contests, quizzes, surveys, loyalty programs, and the first promotion is free.

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