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20 Digitalya Case Studies

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Read 20 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Call Center CRM boosting customer suport & productivity to new heights
  • Chur Wi-Fi sharing solution that connects users to 70 million hotspots in over 180 countries
  • ClientZen turns customers into evangelists with real-time feedback based on sentiment analysis
  • Cory Liss Orthodontics managing existing customers and new ones with an easy-to-use database synchronization software
  • EGA transforming education with an API-based iOS app that offers a complete learning experience
  • Emerson Crane Hire preventing overbooking by bringing all the resources into one place
  • Euromapping donation tracking platform for a sustainable development
  • Evvf European Vovinam the championship management software that offers a complete overview of each competition
  • Factory4Future an IoT cloud-based application that revolutionizes the factory industry
  • FeetUpĀ® revolutionizes inverted yoga with tailored video content for everyone and every body
  • Mavvy the web solution that maximizes the success of every marketing campaign created by an influencer
  • Muzaara automated advertising solution that revolutionizes sales with highly targeted ads and self-optimizing campaigns
  • Nylah brings clarity to affiliate marketing by tracking the revenue generated by influencers
  • Optymous the friend that a programmer never had or the Laravel backend generator
  • Prevent.IO lowering the rate of chronic diseases with the help of chat boots
  • SEDUCO redefines each learning experience with an all-in-one training management system
  • SEI Healthcare facilitates medical quiz assessment with data-driven analytics
  • teampulse the best tools to support small and medium-sized aviation enterprises in a single application
  • Zureli the world's largest Eco directory for a sustainable future
  • Zurnex digitalizing the construction industry with accurate production insights and geo targeting

About Digitalya

Digitalya is a top software development company based in Iasi. With over 52 worldwide web and mobile applications, their goal is to help people achieve their dream of being successful tech entrepreneurs. Digitalya can be your reliable tech partner. Their services include: Design Sprint Product and Business Strategy; UI/UX Design; Mobile app development. The industries they excel at include healthcare, education, marketing & advertising, aviation, and many others.

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