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25 Deposco Case Studies

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Read 25 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Altitude Sports Moves Mountains of Inventory with Deposco
  • Baron Manufacturing links with Deposco to drive inventory visibility and order management
  • Central Vacuum Stores cleans up their warehouse operations with Deposco
  • Central Vacuum Stores Inc. - Customer Case Study
  • EDC closes the book on legacy technology and optimizes new warehouse with Deposco solution
  • ESM Fulfillment shortens billing cycle by four days switching to Deposco
  • shoots down paper processes and transitions to digital with Deposco
  • Food and beverage giant shifts direct-to-consumer in 27 days with Deposco
  • Feature kicks legacy system and finds best fit, Deposco, to scale footwear and apparel business
  • E-commerce company partners with "top dog" Deposco to rapidly scale their business
  • Unilever brand Hourglass Cosmetics scales its multichannel operation with Deposco
  • ITB Fulfillment ships 9x more packages in first year with Deposco WMS solution
  • King Solutions Provides Visibility Across Multiple Facilities with Deposco
  • LazyOne can rest easy knowing B2C and B2B orders are efficiently managed with Deposco
  • Lifeguard Press achieves full inventory visibility to scale with Deposco
  • Onestop - Customer Case Study
  • Outerspace finds Deposco’s data and predictability lightyears ahead of the competition
  • Plant Therapy flourishes with improved order accuracy and fulfillment processes
  • RIM Logistics sees 900% increase in customer base after implementing Deposco
  • Robertson Marketing finds the right culture fit for their brand operations with Deposco
  • Deposco lifts weight by building a stronger fulfillment network for Titan Distributors
  • Tyndale puts out fires in supply chain operations with the help of Deposco
  • Vinyl Me, Please sets the record straight with Deposco
  • Wellness Corporate Solutions brings order management and fulfillment to full health with Deposco
  • Ya Ya Creations Inc - Customer Case Study

About Deposco

Deposco’s Bright Suite of applications offer e-commerce, retail and omni-channel capabilities, that drive revenue growth, improve service levels and reduce operational costs. They empower retailers, distributors, 3PLs and brand companies by helping them optimally allocate, source and fulfill orders across multiple channels. Embedded in their Bright Suite are advanced e-commerce, retail and omni-channel specific capabilities, which allow retailers to synchronize and streamline data flows between e-commerce, marketplace, accounting and marketing systems.

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