52 DataDome Case Studies

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Read 52 Case Studies from users in the Computer & Network Security industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • AllTrails Secures its Mobile Apps, Website, and API From Bad Bots With DataDome
  • AMARA eliminates 15% server load and ends bot incidents with DataDome
  • Award Force - Customer Case Study
  • BlaBlaCar prevents Account Takeovers with DataDome
  • Brainly Slashes Time Spent on Bot Management by More Than 90% With DataDome
  • Cairn leverages its web traffic with DataDome
  • Carsales optimizes scraper bot protection with DataDome
  • On Celio’s e-commerce platform, bot traffic is managed in automatic mode
  • DirectVelo.com gains speed with DataDome
  • Diwanee fights ad fraud with DataDome
  • Editus.lu ensures quality traffic and data protection with DataDome
  • Farm Journal’s digital ad space value skyrockets with DataDome
  • France Markets - Customer Case Study
  • Galati Yacht Sales restores website performance with DataDome
  • Groupe Profession Santé reduces its server load by 30 percent with DataDome
  • Hukumonline - Customer Case Study
  • Hydradyne ends price scraping and maintains its competitive edge with DataDome
  • Interencheres.com manages its bot traffic with DataDome and AWS CloudFront
  • JobLookup Ends Job Ad Fraud and Keeps Customers Happy With DataDome
  • Jooble Boosts Customer Satisfaction With DataDome
  • KaBuM! cuts infrastructure costs and saves hours a day with DataDome
  • KnifeCenter.com protects its content and website performance with DataDome
  • For Starcow, Kool Gang manages sneaker bots with DataDome
  • How KuantoKusta Put an End to Price Scraping With DataDome
  • Kurt Geiger - Customer Case Study
  • La Redoute protects its sites and applications against malicious traffic and ensures GDPR compliance
  • Le Parisien regulates its bot traffic with DataDome
  • Online car parts store ends price & product data scraping with DataDome
  • Top-tier omnichannel distributor reduces its bot traffic from 80% to 15% with DataDome
  • A leading fintech company combats credential stuffing and gains productivity with DataDome
  • LeLynx Restores Conversion Rates and Cleans Up Traffic With DataDome
  • How LifeworQ stopped click fraud and freed up an engineer with DataDome
  • Listforge stops automated cheating & saves hours of work each day with DataDome
  • Loveholidays protects its APIs and improves the customer experience with DataDome
  • LV Digital Protects Its Classified Ads & Generates New Revenue With DataDome
  • Northland Properties boosts web performance & slashes infrastructure cost with DataDome
  • Online Lifestyle Network Boosts Its Advertising Revenue With DataDome
  • Ooreka puts an end to DoS attacks with DataDome
  • Pagesjaunes.fr relies on DataDome’s expertise to better protect its data
  • Pneus Online eliminates bot traffic & frees up hours each day with DataDome
  • Poq protects customer mobile apps from credential stuffing with DataDome
  • Rakuten France Is Protected Against Real-time Attacks Thanks to DataDome’s AI
  • Real Estate View ends data theft & reduces infrastructure costs with DataDome
  • RebateKey stops automated account creation & purchasing with DataDome
  • Rubix Group - Customer Case Study
  • Rue du Commerce - Customer Case Study
  • Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France Protects Its Data & Saves 12% of Its Infrastructure Resources With DataDome
  • How DataDome Helped Topps Slash Infrastructure Costs and Gain Back Up to 50 Man-hours Per Day
  • TheFork (TripAdvisor) blocks scraping on its applications
  • Toppreise Ends Web Scraping and Content Theft With DataDome
  • UBALDI.com Blocks Brute Force Attacks with DataDome
  • Verspieren puts an end to credential stuffing attacks with DataDome

About DataDome

DataDome offers the most advanced technology designed to block OWASP automated threats: credential stuffing, layer 7 DDoS attacks, SQL injection & intensive scraping. DataDome’s Artificial Intelligence protects all vulnerability endpoints (web, mobile apps & APIs) with a cutting-edge technology providing real-time automated blocking decisions. Thanks to their state-of-the-art dashboard, users get real-time intuitive notifications about blocked attacks, feedback loops, insights, business KPIs and attack details.

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