24 CloverDX Case Studies

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Read 24 Case Studies from CloverDX customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • BTC Solutions - Customer Case Study
  • CloverETL enables Customology to gather and unify data to deliver customer‑centric marketing campaigns backed by data science
  • CloverETL empowers UK telecom brand EE’s digital insights team
  • Migrating Data from Legacy Systems to ERP
  • Identifying Revenue Leaks Through a Unified View of Data
  • CloverETL Powers GoodData’s CloudConnect Platform
  • Data Integration Automation Recoups 6 Days of Work Per Month
  • Address Validation and Cleansing Saves 750,000 €
  • Financial Management Institution Simplifies Critical It Process Through Automation
  • Integrating Data From Thousands of Systems into Identity and Access Management
  • Leading e-commerce site puts data at the center of success
  • Turning 12 hours of error prone data processing to 41 minutes of accuracy
  • How a self-learning address validation solution repairs 90% of addresses instantly without the need for human intervention
  • Data Warehouse Supports Marketing Initiatives
  • Multinational Software Company - Customer Case Study
  • Building a Data Warehouse, Delivering Business Insight Quickly
  • CloverETL Helped NDP to Know Their Constituents Better
  • Master Data Management for a CMS Creates a Rich User Experience
  • CloverETL Helps Accelerate ProcessGold’s Process Mining Workflows
  • Slovenská sporiteľňa Chooses CloverETL for Reconciling Data in Their Identity & Access Management Systems
  • Data Processing Tasks, Managing a Multitude of Diverse Utilities
  • Effectively Migrating Legacy Data into Workday
  • Supporting Marketing Optimization in Recommerce
  • CloverETL provides YPoint Analytics with a scalable data integration solution for their clients’ data needs

About CloverDX

CloverDX helps midsize to enterprise level companies tackle the world’s toughest data management challenges. The CloverDX Data Integration Platform gives organizations a robust, yet endlessly flexible environment designed for data-intensive operations, packed with advanced developer tools and a scalable automation and orchestration backend.

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