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3 Cloudsquare Case Studies

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Read 3 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How a small business lender successfully migrated from a dated CRM to Salesforce
  • How a mid-sized home improvement company earned 45% more leads and boosted sales by 24%
  • How a tailored Salesforce solution helped a company improve sales efficiency by 20%

About Cloudsquare

Cloudsquare is a registered Salesforce consulting partner, headquartered in Los Angeles, and brings over 10 years of combined Salesforce experience across a variety of industries and Salesforce products. Their core focus is to help their clients get the most value from the Salesforce platform. Their methodology to solving business problems is simple: first identify their client’s problem and ideal process, then determine the appropriate technology and solution.

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