23 Clearbit Case Studies

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Read 23 Case Studies from Clearbit customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How Adroll Super-Targets It's Customer Communications
  • How Airbase reaches target prospects on Facebook to build awareness
  • Baremetrics uses Clearbit to provide premium insights to their customers
  • How 29 Lines of Code Saved Them Hours a Day
  • How Chargebee grew new pipeline by 300% by getting laser-focused on its ideal customer
  • How a Leader in Global Logistics Identifies its Best Potential Clients
  • Frame.io unlocked B2B advertising on Facebook — and tripled match rates
  • How Gong improved form conversion by 70% and fast-tracks ideal leads
  • How Gorgias built a $2M paid strategy in less than a year, hyper-targeting Shopify merchants
  • How Greenhouse triples paid ad engagement and optimizes site conversion
  • How Heap prioritizes leads with firmographic data in Salesforce
  • Intercom increases sales pipeline with Clearbit Prospector
  • How Livestorm captures 200 extra leads per month with shorter forms
  • How the Media Monitoring App Used Clearbit to Increase Conversion by 54%
  • How Outreach starts sales conversations early in the buyer’s journey
  • How the Payment Platform Saved 80% on Compliance Costs in Just 4 Hours
  • How Proposify improved sales ops to scale and enable their team
  • Radar books $1M in pipeline with Clearbit Alerts
  • How RStudio educates their ICP market with Clearbit Advertising
  • How the Customer Data Hub Uses Clearbit in Salesforce to Close More Deals
  • How Tealium humanizes their website experience
  • How the Analytics Platform Got a Better View of Their Customers
  • How Zenefits found the key to targeting ideal customers on Facebook

About Clearbit

A collection of powerful APIs designed to help your business grow. Get a richer look into your customer base. Send clearbit an email address and clearbit will return all of the associated social data clearbit can find, including name, Twitter and Facebook profiles, avatars, URLs, and more. Send clearbit API a domain name and clearbit will return all of the associated information clearbit can find, including the company's name, funding raised, number of employees, and market categories.

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