31 ChartMogul Case Studies

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Read 31 Case Studies from users in the Internet industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How BFI, the leading UK film body, is tackling the subscription economy
  • How BusterBox is using segmentation and LTV to grow to €100k in MRR
  • Clearbit - Customer Case Study
  • How Codacy balances cloud & on-premise SaaS
  • Contacts+ Is Using ChartMogul To Cut Churn In Half In 2019
  • How Cronofy integrated the ChartMogul Import API
  • How DocRaptor uses CSV Import to get a complete picture of their revenue
  • DroneDeploy uses ChartMogul to perform top-down analyses of target industries
  • Flipsnack 4x’ed Revenue by Running Growth Experiments Faster
  • How Float fulfils investor needs with ChartMogul’s metrics
  • Frontify grows with ChartMogul
  • How GetSocial is exposing the “Private Share”
  • Ghost’s public ChartMogul dashboard 750k ARR through transparency and non-profit growth
  • GymForLess Uses ChartMogul to Reduce Churn, Enhance Services
  • How HappyFox put ChartMogul at the center of their SaaS business
  • How Infogr.am uses data to increase retention and reduce churn
  • How Instapage is using ChartMogul to move upmarket
  • How LeadPages transformed their SaaS metrics with ChartMogul
  • Zero to 15K customers with no sales team
  • How we use ChartMogul at Livestorm
  • How Marvel killed revenue-tracking spreadsheets with ChartMogul
  • Meditopia Grew Active Subscribers 500% by Tweaking Its Monetization Strategy
  • How Nitro Democratized Their SaaS Metrics
  • PieSync Keeps a Pulse on Performance with ChartMogul
  • How Resource Guru uses Segmentation to optimize pricing
  • How Ruler Analytics uses ChartMogul to close the loop between marketing and customer revenue
  • Check your ChartMogul MRR on iOS with SmartPlan’s new app
  • Teamwork is Turning Its Partner Program into a Powerful Acquisition and Retention Tool
  • Be Your Own Swiss Army Knife How I Work at Typeform
  • Early SaaS growth and the path to $20M ARR
  • How Zapier, an API SaaS pioneer, views the industry today

About ChartMogul

ChartMogul is an analytics platform to help you run your subscription business. You get a complete overview of your global subscriber base; MRR, ARPU, ASP, churn and LTV are presented in a beautiful and easy to use dashboard. ChartMogul's mission is to build powerful and secure cloud software for subscription businesses of all sizes, with a strong emphasis on good design and ease of use.

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