34 Centrify Case Studies

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Read 34 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Centrify Identity Management helps drive productivity and cost savings for CAA
  • Chugai Pharma Europe Combines SSO, MFA and VPN-less Remote Access with Centrify
  • Dynatrace Streamlines Mass Migration to the Cloud with Centrify Identity Service
  • ELC leverages Centrify for Single Sign-on, Multi-factor Authentication and Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Essendon Volkswagen Improves Security and Eliminates Password Sprawl with Centrify Identity Service
  • FastMed Reduces Password Resets and Improves HIPAA Compliance with Centrify Identity Service
  • Gogo Soars Globally with Help from Centrify Server Suite
  • Grupo Argos Strengthens Security and Reduces Complexity across Data Center and Cloud with the Centrify Identity Platform
  • Centrify Identity-Centric PAM Provides Managed Service Provider with Simple, Secure Remote Access to Customer Networks
  • Interval International Leverages Centrify’s Zone Technology to Easily Implement Least Privilege Management
  • Global Organization Leverages Centrify to Achieve PCI Compliance, Manage Privilege Across Their *NIX Environment
  • Lending Solutions, Inc. Leverages Centrify to Implement Emergency Remote Access for Privileged Users While Maintaining PCI Compliance
  • Centrify Securely Enables London Hydro’s Move to the Cloud
  • Macmillan Cancer Support Secures Admin, Third-party, and Service Account Access with Centrify
  • Centrify facilitates Morehouse College Move to Microsoft Office 365
  • Morris Communications selects Centrify Identity Service for single sign-on, user provisioning and federation services for Office 365
  • National Weather Service Extends CAC Smart Card Authentication across Windows, Linux and Mac for HSPD-12 Compliance
  • Centrify Identity Service Reduces Complexity, Increases Security for New Zealand Agricultural Organization
  • Nine Network Cuts Support Calls in Half with Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition
  • OpenX Secures Macs Globally, Eases Deployment of File Vault and 802.1X Security
  • Ouachita School District Pairs Centrify with Microsoft Office 365 for Identity & Access Management
  • PEX Adopts Zero Trust Approach: Applies Least Privilege to Strengthen Security Posture, Achieve PCI Compliance, and Simplify Internal Audits
  • Centrify Provides Essential Support for Rémy Cointreau’s Transition to a More Agile, Cloud-based Infrastructure
  • SBA Communications replaces Microsoft AD FS, forgoes Cisco’s Meraki MDM solution for Centrify Identity Service
  • Centrify Identity Service Enables Single Sign-on Authentication of 30,000 Worldwide Employees at Shiseido
  • Simply Healthcare Leverages Centrify Identity Service to Ease Switch to Office 365
  • Critical Infrastructure Provider Leverages Centrify for Mobile App and Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Helping the State of Michigan Simplify Audits, Strengthen Compliance Posture and Reduce Risk of a Breach
  • SulAmérica Selects Centrify Identity Service for Its Ability to Scale to Thousands of Users
  • The Citizens Bank Gets Office 365 Federation and Meets GLBA Requirements with Centrify Identity Service
  • US Government Defense Agency Addresses Critical Security Controls Using Centrify’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution
  • Innovative USC Computing Lab embraces BYOD, SSO and saves thousands of dollars in the process
  • VIVA Adopts Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services to Strengthen Security, PCI Compliance Posture, and Apply Least Privilege
  • One of the World’s Largest Asset Management Firms Turns to Centrify to Reduce Administrative Access Risk and Strengthen Compliance Posture

About Centrify

Centrify Zero Trust Security................. Centrify provides Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access to secure access to applications, endpoints and infrastructure while significantly reducing the possibility of access by bad actors................. More than 5,000 customers have deployed Centrify across millions of servers, workstations, and applications. With Centrify, organizations are reducing their costs associated with identity lifecycle management and compliance by over 50%................. NEVER TRUST, ALWAYS VERIFY................. Centrify Zero Trust Security Defined................. VERIFY THE USER - Confirm Jane’s identity by asking her to provide something she has, something she knows or something she is. Also leverage user behavior unique to Jane and context such as location, day and time of login as additional factors to ensure authenticity................. VALIDATE THE DEVICE - Make sure Jane is using a trusted endpoint before granting access to resources. If Jane logs into a resource from an untrusted endpoint, challenge Jane with MFA or block her access if the resource should only be accessible from a secure trusted endpoint................. LIMIT ACCESS & PRIVILEGE - Once Jane has confirmed her identity and is using a trusted endpoint at a verified location, Jane is then granted just enough access she needs to perform her job at any given time................. LEARN & ADAPT - Continuously leverage data about Jane, her device(s) and her behavior to allow access, block access or enforce additional authentication. With machine learning, policies can be adjusted automatically and in real-time.

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