45 Celonis Case Studies

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Read 45 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Accenture is their own best reference case when it comes to Purchase-to-Pay optimization
  • Revolutionizing the Customer Journey in Financial Services with Process Mining
  • How BD Uses Celonis Process Mining to Achieve Frictionless Finance
  • Understanding the Reality and Impact of Process Deviations
  • How BP Scaled Process Mining With a Center of Excellence
  • How they use Celonis to improve outcomes for everyone
  • How Dell Uses Automation to Improve Win Rates, Revenue, and Deal Velocity
  • How Deutsche Telekom’s Shared Services Center saved over €66M
  • DRÄXLMAIER executes perfectly with Celonis
  • Why E.ON Relies on a “Glocal” Model as it Rolls Out Celonis Process Mining
  • Visualize and Optimize it Service Management Processes End-to end in Real Time
  • Edeka Gets Proactive with Celonis Process Analytics
  • EDP Comercial supercharges digital transformation with Celonis
  • Eissmann Automotive Equips itself with Process Mining for the Future
  • GE Healthcare - Customer Case Study
  • Globus zeroes in on their processes to deliver the perfect customer experience
  • Hexion - Customer Case Study
  • HP's Journey to Data-driven Business Execution with Celonis
  • Ingram Micro saved 50,000 labor hours by improving processes across just one metric
  • How they’ve mastered rapid, ongoing, and team-centric value creation with Process Mining and Celonis
  • Kraft Heinz - Customer Case Study
  • Lufthansa CityLine, Soaring Customer Satisfaction with On-Time Departures
  • How Mars Uses Process Mining to Improve Deduction Management
  • Celonis Process Mining Plays an Essential Role in Navantia’s Digital Transformation
  • How the Finnish Oil and Gas Company Neste Drives Process Efficiency and Excellence with Process Mining
  • ​​​​How Neste Cut Invoicing Lead Times to Improve Their Cash Flow by €55M a Month
  • How Philips Innovates Digital Marketing Strategies with Celonis Process Mining
  • Celonis Process Mining Helps Keep PostFinance Customers Satisfied
  • Rational - Customer Case Study
  • How to Implement Process Mining Across Multiple Processes in an Agile Way
  • Rewag Has its Purchasing Completely Under Control with Process Mining
  • Schukat Electronic - Customer Case Study
  • Siemens - Customer Case Study
  • Siemens, The power of process improvement on a global scale
  • Process Optimization in Public Utilities, German Company digitizes Accounting with Celonis
  • Sysmex improves their cash flow by $10M
  • Tech Data - Customer Case Study
  • Specialized Vehicle Supplier Becomes Process Improvement Specialist
  • Vetter - Customer Case Study
  • Vodafone - Customer Case Study
  • Vodafone Orders Up Process Mining to Make Procurement More Efficient
  • Voestalpine - Customer Case Study
  • Von Ardenne - Customer Case Study
  • Russian Bank VTB Relies on Celonis for Perfect Customer Service Processes
  • How Zalando Enhances Procurement with ML-powered Suggestions

About Celonis

Celonis is a New York- and Munich-based enterprise software company. We’re providing something unique - an intelligent business solution, powered by process mining technology, that empowers companies to visualize and improve the flow of their processes in order to transform the way they operate.

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