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23 CARTO Case Studies

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Read 23 Case Studies from users in the Internet industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Commerce 360 Delivering Location Intelligence through BBVA's financial Big Data
  • How Location Intelligence aids emergency planning and resilience efforts in Mexico City
  • Crowdx: Analyzing Big Data For Even Bigger Customer Returns
  • Bringing Location and Predictive Sales Analytics to Mexican Retailers
  • Powering Site Planning & Demand Modelling with Location Intelligence
  • Fon: Visualizing Millions of Data Point for Better Client Access
  • Visualizing Connections With Grow.London & Carto
  • Kroton: Delivering Location - Based Geomarketing Insights With Carto
  • Le Telegramme Leverages Data Visualizations For an Engagine Online Presence
  • Leroy Merlin Combines Diy Ingenuity With Powerful Location Analysis
  • The Data Portal of Medellín Infrastructure for an Innovative City
  • Customer-Centric Approach to Real Estate Using Location Data
  • Real-Time Data Insights For Red Electrica De Espana
  • Rilos leverages the Power of CartoDB with Business Analysis App Geomatrix
  • Smart Site Planning for the Healthcare Industry With Location Intelligence
  • Unleashing the Power of Location for Increased Sales Territory Performance
  • Spotify charts Worldwide music Experience through Carto's Data-Driven Platform
  • Tecnilogica Uses Location Intelligence For a Viral Visualization
  • Driving value for Smart Cities with IoT and Location Intelligence solutions
  • UNHCR Lebanon - Customer Case Study
  • Vizonomy - Customer Case Study
  • The Future of Location-Driven Mobile Big Data Vodafone Analytics
  • Using Location Intelligence to drive sustainable mobility strategies in smarter cities


CARTO leads the world of location intelligence, empowering any organization and individual to discover and predict key insights through location data and then makes it available to the organization or the general public in the form of location intelligence apps. The apps, built by developers or data analyst using CARTO’s self-service platform, help optimize processes, predict situations, and overall improve performance by leveraging location data.

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