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54 CallHippo Case Studies

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Read 54 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • 10XBiZ overcame challenges with CallHippo’s premium VoIP business solutions
  • How ActionEdge Leveraged CallHippo and Improved Its Performance Level
  • How CallHippo Helped Adhyyan Books To Enhance Call Quality And Streamline Communication
  • How CallHippo Is Helping All Access Estates In Disrupting The Real Estate Sector
  • Here Is How CallHippo Helped Altvalora Increase Revenue By 25%
  • How Animal Nutritionals Harnessed CallHippo Services To Provide Better Customer Service
  • ANY Global Scaled Up Rapidly Using CallHippo’s Integrated Solutions
  • How Did CallHippo Help Always Next To You Resolve Call Issues and Improve Quality
  • How AppKnox used CallHippo to Increase Its Revenue by 9.3%
  • How Did Aspire Leverage CallHippo's Advanced Features
  • How Avidley Services Leveraged CallHippo and Improved Productivity at Work
  • How Bizom Seamlessly Integrated with CallHippo’s Business Phone System
  • How Bottega University Enhanced Communication Efficiency With CallHippo
  • Brioso Technologies - Customer Case Study
  • How CallHippo Helped Code Creators In Closing More Deals
  • How CallHippo Helped Comp360 Improve Tts Services Cost-effectively
  • How Concetto Labs Used Callhippo To Boost Its Revenue
  • How Cuemath Recorded 30% Increased Sales With Callhippo’s Call Management Solution
  • How CallHippo Revamped the Business Processes for Emirates Visa Services
  • How Ephemere Creative found its perfect Cloud-Based Telephony Partner in CallHippo
  • How FEXLE Services Pvt. Ltd. Improved its ROI by 53%
  • How Forever Blinds Leveraged CallHippo to Deliver Superior Customer Experience
  • How CallHippo Helped HP Energy With Its Cloud Telephony Solution
  • How Hubilo Softech Used Callhippo To Boost Its Revenue
  • How CallHippo Empowered Human Development Solutions To Do Effective Market Research
  • How iFour Technolab Leveraged CallHippo and Improved Productivity at Work
  • How Informed365 achieved success by switching from ClicknCallNow to CallHippo
  • How InnkeyPMS used CallHippo to Increase Revenue by 18.3%
  • How IT Pyramid Enhanced Client Communication and Productivity With CallHippo
  • How Jack-Phone Leveraged CallHippo Solutions To Increase Call Connectivity By 40%
  • How CalIHippo Helped Luit Increase Busine Revenues By 20%
  • How Mento used CallHippo to Increase Its Revenue by 9.3%
  • How did MriiSoft Leveraged CallHippo’s Calling Solution
  • How Callhippo Helped Nesma Increase Revenue By 37% With Its Cloud Telephony Solution
  • How Netset Utilized CallHippo To Improve Performance Levels
  • How OneAbove Built Trust With Its Customers Overseas with CallHippo
  • How CallHippo Helped Optic Blaze Resolve Connectivity Issues
  • How Personal Alarm Watch Launched Their New Service Quickly And Seamlessly Integrated With Callhippo’s Business Phone System
  • How PR Medical Events Leveraged CallHippo and Improved Their Professional Relationships
  • Here Is How CallHippo Helped PrivacySavvy Increase Connectivity By 25%
  • How CallHippo Helped Purchasing and Procurement Center Increase Productivity and Revenues By 30%
  • How CallHippo steered the growth of Qt by enabling them to reach Australian audiences without setting up an office in the country
  • How CallHippo Helped Remitr Reduce Their Calling Costs
  • How Has CallHippo Helped RPOS
  • How CallHippo Helped Schengen Visa Service Boost Their Business
  • How Schmicko Saved Time and Improved its Productivity by 23%
  • How Social Pilot Used CallHippo To Increase Its Revenue By 9.3%
  • How CallHippo Helped TalentSpark Solve Its Communication Issues
  • How CallHippo Helped The USA Journal In Growing Its Business By 7%
  • TheBPO.net experienced accelerated growth by switching from Skype to CallHippo
  • How CaliHippo empowered Times Internet in doing market research
  • How Trips to India leveraged CallHippo and Earned Customer Trust
  • How Has CallHippo Helped Wisdom Market Research With Its Cloud Telephony Solutions
  • How CallHippo Helped ZNK Motors Increase Productivity and Revenues By 30%

About CallHippo

CallHippo is an on-demand Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service Providers. CallHippo allows startups and businesses to buy instant local support numbers from over 50+ countries around the world. With their easy to use interface and robust backend architecture any business can setup their call center within less than 3 minutes. CallHippo implements cloud computing into the world of telephony. Their platform allows deployment of a flexible telephony network, wherever an internet connection is available. They aim to replace the desk phones with soft phones, eliminating the complexity of setting up a support center.

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