47 Brand24 Case Studies

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Read 47 Case Studies from real Brand24 users sharing their business challenges and results after using Brand24 software.

  • How does 11 bit studios use Brand24 to build up streamers and content creators’ base of contacts?
  • How does Afterschool Alliance use Brand24 to measure the effectiveness of their hashtags campaign?
  • How does Audible Genius use Brand24 to find online mentions about products?
  • How does Bidroom use Brand24 to find mentions about their brand?
  • How a Research and Cultural Institution Uses Web Monitoring
  • How does Collab Istanbul use Brand24 to manage their online presence?
  • How does Craft Holsters use Brand24 to promote their products?
  • Pizza Giveaway Based on Social Listening
  • How does Dealavo use Brand24 to know their customer's and reader's feedback?
  • How Media Agencies are using Brand Monitoring on Brand24 to save clients money and time
  • How Divante Uses Media Monitoring to Get €100k+ Deals for Their Software Development Business
  • How DIYMarketer Was Able To Increase Sponsorship Of Their Twitter Chat 300% By Tracking Reach
  • How does dyadic agency use Brand24 to find target groups?
  • How Foszer Sawicki Tracked the Impact of Their Rebranding
  • How Futuramo Uses Social Media Monitoring to Track Social Media KPIs, Provide Customer Service and More!
  • Heineken - Customer Case Study
  • How does Katzlberger Consulting GmbH use Brand24 to find important mentions about brands and products?
  • How a Digital Agency Invested $49 to Close a $2.5k Deal
  • How Mercedes-Benz Uses Social Media
  • How a Smartphone Repair Shop Increased Conversion by 212%
  • Netflix - Customer Case Study
  • How Travel Influencers Track The Performance of Hashtag Campaigns
  • How To Use Brand24 to Track and Analyse Your Press Releases Effectiveness
  • How Philips Lighting Reached to 5 Million Users Within 3 Days
  • Event Marketing Strategy by Philips Lighting
  • How a Digital Agency Invested $49 to Close a $2.5k Deal
  • How We Increased Our Monthly Blog Traffic by 136% with One Blog Post (and Pikachu)
  • 3 Killer Marketing Tips for Small Business with a Limited Budget
  • How a Restaurant Used Social Media Monitoring to Listen to Customer Requests
  • How does Rethink Canada use media monitoring to track social media campaigns?
  • How Satoria Group Monitors Their Hotels in Social Media
  • How does Shopstory use media monitoring to check their product ideas and gather early adopters?
  • How to Increase Social Engagement
  • An Easy Way to Enhance Sales: Somersby’s Cooperation with bloggers
  • What You Can Learn From Sony PlayStation Social Media Monitoring
  • How Businesses Are Using Brand24 To Track Influencer Effectiveness, and Recruit New Ones In The Process
  • How Spartan Race Are Listening To Over 1,000,000 Racers to Analyse Marketing Effectiveness And Engage Customers In Real Time
  • How does Speck Media use Brand24 to find trending hashtags?
  • How Tailor Brands uses Media Monitoring to Boost Their Community of over 3,000,000 Users
  • How does TRPharm use Brand24 to scan mentions about the company?
  • How Does Twitch use Brand24 to find customer's insights?
  • Discussions about Uber increased by 100% with their new app rollout
  • Global Success Achieved Locally Uber Ice Cream Campaign
  • How Volvo Won Social Media on Thursday Morning
  • How Wondery Analyzes The Success of Each Podcast and Identify Influential Listeners
  • How Zelmer Uses Brand24 to Build Relationships with Fans
  • 3 Steps to Develop a Successful Social Media Strategy

About Brand24

Brand24 is an easy-to-use social media monitoring solution. Over a thousand companies of all sizes use Brand24 to identify and analyze online discussions about their brands, products, and competitors. Through Brand24, businesses can stay updated about what is being said about them online, gain customer insights, engage communities, find sales leads, improve social customer service, find brand ambassadors, and monitor their competition. Using the tool, you will be able to manage your online reputation, track and assess marketing campaigns, do social selling, etc.

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