64 Billtrust Case Studies

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Read 64 Case Studies from real Billtrust users sharing their business challenges and results after using Billtrust software.

  • Sanitation company uses targeted customer email campaigns to ramp up digital payment adoption
  • Manufacturer sees continued electronic payments growth
  • Security solutions provider drives current receivables with an automated collections solution while revenue doubles
  • Medical distributor saves through BPN
  • Distributor provides superior customer service with Billtrust Invoicing
  • Heavy equipment distributor cuts down DSO with Billtrust Cash Application and Invoicing
  • Blazer Electric Supply Company Electric distributor sees massive spike in online sales with eCommerce webstore
  • Wholesale distributor of building products drives down payment timelines with solutions for credit and collections
  • Leading technology solution provider finds massive savings with automated AR solutions
  • Distributor achieves sustainability with electronic invoice delivery
  • Construction companies transform invoicing & payments
  • Construction company increases process efficiency and daily payment processing
  • Cooper Electric Virtual credit card capture technology helps electrical distributor save time and dollars
  • HVAC distributor achieves eAdoption success
  • Succeeds with end-to-end credit application support
  • HVAC/R distributor reduces costs for customers while minimizing manual tasks
  • Plumbing and HVAC distributor saves $44K in one year and drives customer digital invoicing and payments adoption
  • HVAC distributor sees steady increase in online sales and revenue through Billtrust eCommerce webstore
  • Manufacturer uses the power of their peer network to streamline their customer approval process
  • Tile distributor eliminates manual processes
  • Transportation company improves customer satisfaction with invoicing automation, and drives internal efficiency
  • Manufacturer uses digital invoicing and payment solutions to secure savings
  • Electrical distributor significantly reduces paper billing costs
  • International insurer provides solutions to automate and accelerate invoice delivery and payment for their brokers
  • Family business swaps paper catalogs for a fully-featured webstore
  • Texas heavy machinery dealer finds scalability with lower keying costs and a stable AR headcount
  • Manufacturing company streamlines invoice delivery process
  • Medical equipment manufacturer drives digital payment adoption
  • Distribution company improves customer satisfaction
  • Growing international cinema chain drives down DSO and overdue invoices with automated collections solutions
  • Law firm automates virtual credit card processing to offer secure customer payments and drive interchange savings
  • Leading IT distributor finds massive savings with automated AR solutions
  • Medical technology manufacturer saves $880,000 a year in credit card processing fees
  • Heavy machinery dealer streamlines order-to-cash and collections operations in the face of pandemic
  • Material handling equipment dealership enhances customer experience and efficiency by adopting electronic invoicing and payment capabilities
  • Healthcare distributor drives savings and efficiency for processing virtual customer payments
  • Medical research provider scales business and finds savings with Billtrust’s BPN virtual credit card automation
  • Manufacturer expedites customer credit approval process
  • Equipment distributor finds improved cash flow & savings
  • Manufacturing company sees tremendous growth in eAdoption
  • Manufacturer finds new efficiencies with invoicing portal
  • Packaged ice manufacturer drives customer payments and invoicing adoption with Billtrust eSolutions Team
  • Distributor drives revenue & efficiency with digital order-to-cash solutions
  • Sanitation company brings together all-inone presentment and payment solution
  • Pitt Ohio Increases Productivity With Billtrust’s Cash App Connect
  • Plumbing distributor drives electronic adoption and customer satisfaction
  • Plumbing/HVAC distributor saves time and money by removing outdated in-house AR processes
  • Professional Services provider finds efficiency sending over half a million international invoices
  • Construction supply distributor reduces process time with automated customer invoicing and cash application solutions
  • HVAC distributor simplifies processes for mailing invoices to customers
  • Manufacturer reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction
  • SmileMakers Consumer goods distributor saves time with virtual card capture technology
  • Transportation company eliminates nearly all manual data entry
  • Employment company automates cash application with VMS portals
  • Equipment and tool rental company streamlines compliancy and increases customer adoption with multiple order-to-cash solutions
  • Professional Services provider finds efficiency sending over half a million international invoices
  • Heavy equipment distributor sees improvement in cash application accuracy
  • Distribution company reduces costs and gives customers greater flexibility
  • Transportation broker finds new order-to-cash efficiencies after custom implementation experience
  • Manufacturer improves cash application accuracy
  • Construction materials manufacturer and distributor drives order-to-cash (O2C) efficiency with solutions for credit applications, invoicing and cash application
  • Water distributor streamlines order-to-cash by automating invoicing, payments, cash application and collections
  • Electrical distributor hones A/R efficiency with solutions for collections, cash application and invoicing
  • Auto-part distributor drives down DSO with customer invoicing and payments flexibilit

About Billtrust

Billtrust makes it easier for B2B companies to get paid. We’ve been the leading innovator in A/R automation for nearly two decades and continue accelerating. Our customers span 40+ industries and we lead with double digit market share in many of the industries we serve. We provide automated order-to-cash solutions that meet diverse buyer requirements and speed cash application through tailored invoice delivery, secure multi-channel payment enablement and intelligent matching and payment posting.

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