18 Baxter Planning Case Studies

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Read 18 Case Studies from real Baxter Planning users sharing their business challenges and results after using Baxter Planning software.

  • How Baxter helped them make this possible
  • American Networking Company - Customer Case Study
  • How Baxter and UPS helped Carestream get there
  • How Baxter helped them implement steps to streamline their service supply chain and improve customer service
  • Fujitsu - Customer Case Study
  • How Baxter’s software and Baxter Best Practice Consulting helped them to achieve their goals
  • How Baxter helped them with inventory optimization in the service supply chain
  • MDC Vacuum Products - Customer Case Study
  • How a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems partners with Baxter
  • How Baxter’s solutions have helped to quickly scale and optimize Nutanix’s service supply chain
  • Palo Alto Networks - Customer Case Study
  • How they leveraged Baxter’s Network Optimization Consulting and our Planning as a Service offering to achieve service supply chain excellence
  • Safran Morpho - Customer Case Study
  • SGI - Customer Case Study
  • How SBD was able to reduce inventory costs by an average of 8% across 15 regional distribution centers and improve execution to plan by an average of 6% across 4 regions
  • Tokyo Electron Limited - Customer Case Study
  • Tolt Solutions - Customer Case Study
  • Triumph - Customer Case Study

About Baxter Planning

Baxter Planning provides service inventory planning and optimization solutions that support service supply chain requirements across diverse industries. Baxter’s innovative solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure to forecast demand and optimize target stock levels so your company can more efficiently execute supply, replenishment and repair orders.

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