52 Axonify Case Studies

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Read 52 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • American Tire Distributors - Customer Case Study
  • Betting on microleaBetting on Microlearning to Push the Boundaries of Innovation, Creativity and Servicerning to push the boundaries of innovation, creativity and service
  • At Home - Customer Case Study
  • At Home - Customer Case Study
  • At Home - Customer Case Study
  • Powerhouse Home Décor Retailer, at Home, Boosts Sales by Investing in the Right Kind of Associate Training
  • Bloomingdale’s Saves Millions by Investing in Associate Knowledge-building
  • Bloomingdale’s uses microlearning, big data, and machine learning to prove training saved $3 million in 1 year
  • BorgWarner transforms safety training and boosts compliance with frontline-first training and communications
  • Briscoe Group builds frontline resilience during the pandemic
  • How retail giant, Briscoe Group, completely re-engineered its training approach in less than 6 months
  • BT Consumer - Customer Case Study
  • BT Consumer - Customer Case Study
  • How BT Improved Customer Satisfaction while Reducing onboarding Time, Repeat Customer Calls & Handling Time
  • Citadel Credit Union taps into effective ongoing training that scales
  • How Citadel Credit Union unlocks high performance
  • Inside a successful cross-training initiative at Citizens Bank
  • How Eden Housing brings their workforce together even while apart
  • Ethicon - Customer Case Study
  • Ethicon Boosts Selling Power by Keeping Daily Pulse on Medical Reps’ Expertise
  • Securing skills for the future at Etihad Airways
  • Feeding Associates Daily Bites of Modern Training to Improve Customer Service and Scale a High-growth Strategy
  • GE Energy Management - Customer Case Study
  • John Hancock - Customer Case Study
  • Mitigating risk by giving employees a wealth of knowledge on an evolving product portfolio
  • John Hancock - Customer Case Study
  • John Hancock - Customer Case Study
  • MCAP - Customer Case Study
  • Mcap Achieves Significant Reduction in Escalations by Boosting Call Center Agent Knowledge and Confidence
  • Merck Reduces Incidents by Building a Culture of Safety Awareness
  • Fueling a “fresh” approach to customer experience with frontline-first training and communications
  • Mutual of Omaha meets employees where they’re at with frontline-focused training
  • Mutual of Omaha defied industry norms with 100% enrollment in voluntary group benefits
  • Northgate González Market - Customer Case Study
  • Specialty Supermarket Chain, Northgate González Market, Saves Half a Million Dollars With a New Game Plan to Tackle Employee Training
  • Northgate González Market - Customer Case Study
  • Northgate González Market - Customer Case Study
  • Northgate González Market - Customer Case Study
  • PointClickCare Reduces Certification Time from 6 Months to 6 Weeks
  • Precision Resource improves operational excellence and realizes $150,000 of training value
  • Fun is the secret ingredient of Recipe’s successful rollout of Axonify
  • How Rogers for Business boosted their CSAT score by 9 points
  • Russell Cellular takes a frontline-first approach to training
  • How a growth mindset at Russell Cellular leads to professional gains
  • Mobile-first frontline training keeps Russell Cellular winning
  • Shaw Communications makes frontline coaching a key priority
  • Cashing in on modern learning achieves business goals
  • TBC Corporation - Customer Case Study
  • How Topper’s Pizza speeds up the production line by engaging its employees
  • Toyota Uses Axonify Inspired Competition to Reward Employees
  • Building Employee safety and customer service with micro-sized bites of Training
  • Walmart Achieves Unprecedented Safety Results by Building Employee Knowledge and Translating it Into Job Action

About Axonify

You need your employees to remember to do the things that matter most to your business every day. Axonify has the secret sauce to make those critical behaviors stick. Our platform serves your people focused, bite-sized bursts of information in the way humans learn best, continually adapting to fill their individual knowledge gaps. It weaves in user motivation tools to keep bringing them back. And it’s smart enough to help you clearly see ROI. All of this comes wrapped in an experience that fits right into the workflow—for just 3-5 minutes a day. We call it microlearning, but our customers call it a game changer.

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