5 Antidote 360 Case Studies

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Read 5 Case Studies from real Antidote 360 users sharing their business challenges and results after using Antidote 360 software.

  • Putting social media to work to generate massive impressions for a health-forward baby food
  • Talking about the world’s first Apple™ integrated hearing aid meant listening first
  • Taking to the streets to return a vilified carb staple to its place in the sun and, in the kitchen
  • Helping a med-tech innovator give themselves the credit they deserve, and getting it in return
  • Virtua - Customer Case Study

About Antidote 360

Antidote 360 is a healthcare marketing super-agency, assembled from specialists across the globe with unique expertise, but a singular mission: to breathe life into health and wellness brands, creating real value. They are authorities and leaders who truly believe a better marketing model can help brands thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Powered by the 14,000 marketing minds of the MDC network, they work together under the flag of Antidote 360. Antidote, because they believe that combining fresh ideas and innovative strategy is the cure for the status quo; 360, because they surround our partners with holistic solutions, leaving no gaps in service.

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