3 AllergyEHR Case Studies

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Read 3 Case Studies from real AllergyEHR users sharing their business challenges and results after using AllergyEHR software.

About AllergyEHR

AllergyEHRâ„¢, an IMS product from Meditab Software, facilitates the seamless integration of clinical, financial, and administrative processes into one comprehensive solution. AllergyEHR is designed to improve office workflow and productivity. The system will automatically document and track skin test results, manage and track mixes, and aid in building recipes based on reaction reports to minimize errors. AllergyEHR is also equipped with automated prescription writing, drug interaction, and formulary checks, as well as a fully-integrated drug database. Each process is interconnected within the EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal, and Billing components of the solution. Physicians can expect to reduce errors, save time, and see more patients each day with AllergyEHR.

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