64 AllCloud Case Studies

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Read 64 Case Studies from real AllCloud users sharing their business challenges and results after using AllCloud software.

  • How Global AgTech, ADAMA, Expedited Cloud Migration with 100% Uptime Using AWS MAP and AllCloud Next Generation Landing Zone
  • ASC Profiles, LLC Streamlines Quoting Process with AllCloud, enosiX and Salesforce CPQ
  • German Used Car Portal, AUTO1 Group, Successfully Migrates to AWS with No Downtime
  • Barcelona Study Abroad Experience Transforms Student Application Process with Salesforce
  • Bevolo Transforms Sales & Quoting Processes with Salesforce and AllCloud
  • BIGVU Improves Cloud Performance, Security and Cost by Redesigning AWS Infrastructure with AllCloud’s Best Practices
  • BlueRibbon partners with AllCloud to modernize to Amazon EKS, accelerating its CI/CD process and optimizing AWS costs to keep up with rapid growth
  • Braen Supply Automates and Improves Configure, Price, Quote for Streamlined Sales with Salesforce and AllCloud
  • BrandSafway Standardizes and Automates CPQ with Salesforce and AllCloud
  • AllCloud SaaS Builders Program in Action
  • From Startup to IPO, a World Leader in Crime-fighting Tech Migrates to AWS to Support Scale
  • Check Point - Customer Case Study
  • The leader in GTMSec leverages AllCloud AWS expertise to scale fast and support rapid growth
  • Coldwell Banker Realty Improves Sales Processes and Visibility with Salesforce and AllCloud
  • Dant Clayton improves information velocity with AllCloud and Salesforce
  • Emerald Health Formalizes Sales Processes with AllCloud
  • AlICIoud Helped EyeControl Increase Accuracy in an AlgorithA for a Wearable Personal Communication Device for Patients Who Can't Communicate Verbally
  • Fireblade Partners with Emind Cloud Experts to Deploy a Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Fraugster Strengthens Compliance, Increases Efficiency with AllCloud and AWS
  • Freesbe Successfully Rebranded Using Salesforce and Workato Based Customer Management Systems
  • GermanPersonnel Creates a SaaS Platform From Scratch, Leveraging AllCloud’s Expertise for a Smooth Migration
  • Gett, a Taxi Hailing Service, Finds a Path to IT Consolidation Through the Cloud
  • Global-e Nails PCI Compliance and SLA Management with Allcloud Experts
  • GPS Fleet Software - Customer Case Study
  • AllCloud Helps HighWire Press Redesign Salesforce for Business Gain
  • Secure Migration of SaaS Offering from On-premises to AWS
  • JOYNEXT leverages AllCloud and AWS Managed Services to optimize their cloud cost
  • LamaLoLi Partners with Emind A State-of-the-Art Cloud Migration Case
  • LSports Partners with Emind Experts to Support Their Scalable Real-Time System on
  • How did Make-Sense, an automated accessibility platform company, streamline its business using the Salesforce cloud-based CRM
  • How Migration from Hosted Services to AWS Cloud Streamlined Mashov’s operations
  • Mission Innovate Improves Agility by Introducing a SaaS Product Offering with AWS and AllCloud
  • A Leading Endpoint Security Company Reaches New Heights in AWS Security with AllCloud Engage
  • Flexible and secure growth for MRH Trowe with AWS Cloud
  • Nayax Partners with Emind to Migrate Cashless Service Solutions to Amazon Cloud
  • Nesher Partners with AllCloud to Help Transform its Organization into a Customer-centered Business
  • A Leader in Precision Irrigation Builds Revolutionary Digital Farming Solution from Scratch on AWS
  • Groundbreaking Medical Technology Company Reaches Out to AllCloud for Kubernetes Modernization.
  • Nyga increases customer satisfaction by personalizing services and improving service levels with Service Cloud
  • AllCloud Enhances Nyotron’s Existing Salesforce Foundation to Build a 360°Customer View and a Single Source of Truth
  • Leveraging the AWS Cloud for Orbograph’s Healthcare Payment Automation Center Platform
  • How the cloud helps manage chemical reactions
  • PakLab streamlines and centralizes sales and marketing processes with AllCloud and Salesforce
  • Pango Mobile Partners with AllCloud to Build a Secured, PCI-DSS Compliant System on Amazon Web Services
  • Pango Mobile Partners with Emind Experts to Build a Secured, PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Powermat Partners with Emind to Fully Manage Their Wireless Charging Services on AWS Cloud
  • How Sarine Scales Their Diamond Cutting Technology on AWS with AllCloud
  • Digital Pioneer in Machine Tool Manufacturing Leverages AWS for Seamless Operations
  • Searchmetrics Turns to AllCloud to Launch Automated Infrastructure and Improved Processes on AWS
  • Seeking Alpha Ltd. Is Live on Zuora, the Cloud-based Subscription Billing Platform
  • SentinelOne implemented AllCloud’s Next-Generation Landing Zone solution to enforce security and compliance across a new multi-account AWS organization, while improving cost-efficiency and governance
  • Fintech SaaS Provider Scales to New Levels of Growth and Security with AllCloud Engage
  • Superior Integrated Systems Develops Data-as-a-Service Platform with AWS and AllCloud
  • TCI Optimizes Salesforce and Identifies a Long-Term Partner with AllCloud
  • TradAir Partners with Emind to Run Its Financial Solution on Amazon Web Services
  • Trax Technology Broadens its Cloud Horizons via AllCloud
  • Salesforce optimization by AllCloud supported scale of medical emergency services during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Migrating from Azure to AWS with AllCloud, a True Partner for the Cloud Journey
  • Valtech Mobility Strengthens Security and Increases Speed of Deployment, Establishing a True Cloud Strategy with AllCloud’s Support
  • Veev Turns to AllCloud to Build Its Smart Home IoT SaaS Solution on AWS, Revolutionizing the Way We Build and Interact with Our Homes
  • Ventura Foods Introduces a White Glove Customer Experience with Salesforce and AllCloud
  • Digital and hybrid event platform in an ISO-certified AWS environment
  • Webydo Moves to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Emind For a Scalable Cloud
  • Zoko Transforms its Business Processes and Sees Significant Rise in Sales with AllCloud’s Guidance

About AllCloud

AllCloud is a leading global Cloud Solutions Provider, AWS Premier Partner, Salesforce Platinum Partner, Google Cloud Partner, with the expertise across the cloud stack, Infrastructure, Platform, and Software-as-a-Service. AllCloud was born from the merger between Emind and Blat Lapidot, both established in 2008, just as businesses were beginning to understand the potential of cloud computing.

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