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15 Adeptia Case Studies

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Read 15 Case Studies from real Adeptia users sharing their business challenges and results after using Adeptia software.

  • How BACB Used Data Integration To Spur Business Growth
  • EPM Music automates systems with Adeptia and increases management quality and efficiency without outside consultancy or custom coding
  • Human Resources Firm - Customer Case Study
  • Getting On Top Of Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Applications
  • Adeptia Accelerates Order Processing for Label Manufacturer
  • Data Integration Simplifies Financial Administration at a Leading Bank in the US
  • LaSalle Solutions switches integration vendors to Adeptia and reduces development time and expense by more than 75%
  • Loan Processing Solutions Increasing Efficiency, Productivity, and Security with Adeptia
  • Manufacturer Responds to Integration Ultimatum with Adeptia
  • Adeptia’s NetSuite Accelerator enables Playaway to focus on business initiatives and removes IT complexity in relation to data integration and manual processes
  • Property Management Company Leverages Adeptia Connect to Facilitate Data Integration with Competitor Software
  • Empowering Business Users to Perform Onboarding and Integration
  • TEC Analytics, a division of TEC Services, deploys Adeptia’s On-Demand BPM Suite and generates millions in revenue for debt collection agencies
  • Automated Payroll Data Exchange Made Easy Streamlined, Simple Connections from Vendor to Client and Beyond
  • A One-to-Many Integration Approach Streamlines Ecommerce Pricing Solution

About Adeptia

Adeptia has helped enterprise companies solve the full range of B2B integration challenges, from the simplest to the most complex. Their customers have used them as a solution to dramatically fast-forward revenues by automating critical customer data onboarding processes and reducing onboarding time from 18 weeks to an hour.

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