16 Adept Marketing Case Studies

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Read 16 Case Studies from real Adept Marketing users sharing their business challenges and results after using Adept Marketing software.

  • Bosca Accessories - Customer Case Study
  • How a blog redesign increased site traffic 38%
  • How a persona-driven strategy increased proposal value 157%
  • How PPC reduced cost-per-sponsor acquisition 50%
  • How strategic targeting recruited job applicants at a 50% reduced cost per acquisition
  • Hallmark Management Services - Customer Case Study
  • How a new CMS increased online conversion 42%
  • How a segmented paid strategy exceeded campaign goals by 147%
  • How full-funnel, inbound lead generation delivered $12M in proposal opportunities
  • How a full-funnel digital strategy drove a 6% increase in revenue for a multi-million dollar ecommerce retailer
  • How integrated SEO and PPC increased sales 48% with a 223% ROI
  • How a digital overhaul increased conversion 95%
  • How an integrated strategy quadrupled e-commerce revenue
  • How understanding the patient journey increased online conversion by 40%
  • W.W. Williams - Customer Case Study
  • Zen Windows Cleveland - Customer Case Study

About Adept Marketing

Adept is a digital marketing firm that applies discipline and real-time data to campaigns that deliver quantifiable sales growth. They like to call themselves a growth activation agency. When growth is the goal, Adept leads the way. For them, “growth” is not a concept or a fluffy idea, but concrete, positive impacts on your business. It’s why They build discipline and real-time data into digital campaigns that deliver quantifiable sales growth.

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