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  • kiteworks declared a must-have to support a police department’s investigative teams
  • Enabling secure access to time-sensitive technical and training content in remote tactical environments
  • International law firm mobilizes teams so attorneys, clients and partners securely access up-to-date content whenever and wherever
  • kiteworks earns a spot at the center of communications for major construction, engineering and IT projects
  • Leading global powertrain company creates secure mobile file sharing environment for internal and external users, with Accellion
  • Top U.S. hospital improves security and HIPAA compliance for internal and external collaborators, with Accellion
  • BYOD is made a reality, with seamless collaboration via all devices, anytime SharePoint access, and strong security controls
  • Employees at Cartes Bancaires now use kiteworks to securely share files and encourage colleagues and customers to do the same
  • Energy company fuels operations with Accellion, supporting daily communications and reducing IT costs by more than 20 percent
  • City of Pleasanton - Customer Case Study
  • kiteworks deemed communications and collaboration standard across County departments, replacing Dropbox and other consumer solutions
  • Entertainment Technology Company - Customer Case Study
  • Enhancing Knowledge Sharing Among State Tax Administrators and Industry with a Simple and Secure Information Exchange System
  • Streamlining file-sharing and boosting productivity in a global, security-first organization
  • Leading creative firm accelerates their collaborative processes and shares visionary ideas, with Accellion
  • Engineering firm creates self-service collaboration environment, putting business communications into the hands of employees and clients
  • Hartmann Protects PHI in Motion and at Rest with a Content Firewall
  • Easy and secure exchange of patient information between healthcare facilities ensures best practices throughout the patient journey
  • Proper security and governance enables HIPAA-compliant communications when sharing Protected Health Information during transition of care
  • Medical researchers help solve battlefield medical problems through secure internal and external collaboration, with Accellion
  • Top law firm expedites litigation department’s communications and increases team’s productivity with Accellion’s file sharing capabilities
  • Global automobile company sends file transfer into overdrive, saying goodbye to FTP and hello to secure anytime, anywhere file sharing
  • Premier healthcare provider improves the productivity and security of sharing patient information between doctors and specialists
  • Jaja says yes to Accellion Fast-growing fintech start-up uses secure MFT and filesharing enterprise-wide
  • Enhanced File Sharing and Collaboration Help Top Global Law Firm Stay Productive and Secure
  • Improving information sharing between internal and external healthcare professionals while keeping patient data private
  • An iconic watchmaker turns to kiteworks to collaborate with jewelers and enhance sales operations
  • Leading Indian consumer products company mobilizes work force with Accellion, so employees can work securely, wherever
  • Europe’s largest commercial IT group optimizes IT administration and delivers business efficiency with Accellion
  • Leading market research firm utilizes Accellion to share large files between internal and external users, creating happy end-users and IT teams
  • Global building components supply company replaces Dropbox and FTP for increased security and control and faster performance
  • Bankers and credit teams mobilized and made more efficient with ubiquitous information access across all mobile devices
  • Patient care streamlined at South Devon NHS Health Trust with secure information sharing
  • Largest U.S. Public Health Care System Looks to Accellion to Share PHI Securely
  • Leading university extends usage to boost data security and support HIPAA compliance, with Accellion
  • From Merchandising and Sales, to Finance and HR—Randa Makes Secure File Sharing Fashionable
  • Top furniture manufacturer arms its sales reps with a tablet-ready product catalog to mobilize prospect discussions on the go
  • Australia’s public broadcaster, SBS, sends real-time, rich media around the world for on-the-spot event coverage with Accellion
  • Secure mobile file sharing streamlines attorney and client communications, while supporting firm’s goal of legal excellence
  • Storybook - Customer Case Study
  • State agency takes action to protect youth data, by implementing a secure file sharing solution for confidential files
  • World's largest industrial gas company integrates kiteworks with SAP to streamline billing and accelerate revenue recognition
  • What Accellion FedRAMP-Authorization Can Do For Commercial Businesses
  • Accellion improves the way internal and external researchers share information

About Accellion

Accellion, provides mobile solutions to enterprise organizations to enable increased business productivity while ensuring security and compliance. As the leading provider of private cloud solutions for secure file sharing, Accellion offers enterprise organizations the scalability, flexibility, control and security to enable a mobile workforce with the tools they need to create, access and share information securely, wherever work takes them.

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